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History of Clark


School at front of JR Kobe Station

 1988 Clark Foreign Language School was founded in Nagata-ku, Kobe City on 1st of October
 1989 Recognized by the Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education (JAPE) as an educational institution of Japanese language
 1991 The school moved to the front of JR Kobe Station
 1992 Educational Foundation JYOKEI GAKUEN, Clark International College was established and accredited by Hyogo Prefectural Government as first Japanese language vocational school in Japan and realized as a four-year consistency in education from Clark Foreign Language School (Japanese language school) through Clark International College (vocational school)
 1994 Number of students exceeded 300
 1995 The school was temporarily closed due to Hanshin Awaji Earthquake
 2001 Clark International College was reopened
 2002 Clark Mizuta Commemoration Scholarship was founded
Clark Foreign Language School increased the capacity to 300
 2003 International Japanese Development Agency was established
Purchased a school building at Owakidai, kita-ku, Kobe
 2004 Clark Northwest International College was opened at Owakidai
 2006 Japanese Language Preparatory Course was established in Clark International College
 2007 The school was moved to 7th floor of Center Plaza West, at Sannomiya, Chuo-ku, Kobe
 2008 Clark Foreign Language School and Clark International College Japanese Language Preparatory Course were recognized as an accredited school by Japan Immigration Bureau
 2010 Total number of students exceeded 650 in January












Sannomiya School
















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