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Philosophy of Clark

For Coming Clark 30 Years Anniversary Declaration Statement 


  Aiming to cultivate talented individuals who are able to play actively


Nowadays, we are in the worldwide recession and, the economic outlook is getting unforeseeable. However, varying from how human beings have ever been, we are active in cultural, scientific, political and economic aspects. It is an age that exciting progresses are made especially in science and culture. Therefore, one might be asked how to live a life as a person. I believe that education is the basis to develop the heritage which our predecessors built. Based on the concept of building up the integrity of each student, Clark International College cultivate talented individuals who are able to play active roles in international society. We aim to develop people who have good education with self-awareness as human beings besides academic ability and physical strength, who will in the end demonstrate great ability in every situation. We wish that all of our graduates would play active roles in every field all over the world.

  Clark is the entrance of the global stage

Yu Li Li

Yu Li Li
Vice Chairman and
School Master of Clark Foreign Language School

Our school is placed at a convenient location in Sannomiya, the center of Kobe. The city of Kobe is surrounded by the sea in south and mountain in north with favor of natures. Having marked our 20th anniversary, we promise to provide a better educational facilities, well-trained teachers to ensure a better study environment for students. We believe Clark will provide a family-like atomosphere, in which those who have different nationalities and backgrounds share a meaningful and valuable time in Japan. There will be a lot of oppotunities to learn different culture through the class and after hours life. Clark will teach not only Japanese language but also Japanese culture and Japanese way of thinking, all of which enable the students to understand Japanese life more. Studying at Clark will definitely give a worthful experience to the students. We hope their success at the global stage in future after graduation.




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