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Campus Life

 School Cultural Festival

The school traditional culture presentation event will be held in March every year. This is a joint festival between Clark Foreign Language School and Clark International College Japanese Language Preparatory Course. Every class, from elementary to advanced level, shows various performances such as singing, plays and other performance as a result of their hard practice during the time. Every class gets excited and puts the maximum efforts on the games for prize winning.

School Cultural Festival_1

School Cultural Festival_2

School Outdoor Activities

To cultivate Japanese culture and way of living, the school is implementing regular outdoor activities or study trip to let students not only to have a chance to know Japanese customs but also able to meet various local friends.

School Outdoor Activities_1

School Outdoor Activities_2

 Scene of Study
Scene of Study_2 

  School Conference

The regular school conference will be held twice a year by inviting all teachers including part-timers to review and discuss the contents of curriculum and problems on educational issues to be reflected to next semester.

School Conference

 University-bound Guidance

The University-bound Guidance section will support students to find a suitable school, such as public or private university, graduate school, vocational schools like specializing in beauty, fashion etc., basing on his/her wishes and ability.

University-bound Guidance

Guidance for Future Course

Around June every year, the school will invite the graduates to introduce their experiences on entering into university, failure story or the distinctive feature of the university etc. to examinees for their reference and interest. Those examinees are very keen to listen the graduates' advice.

[ Let's listen to the experience of successful candidates ]
Held at Clark Hall on Monday July 11,2011.

5 successful candidates of University of Kobe, Osaka City University, Kwansai Gakuin University, Ritsumeikan University have made a presentation of their experiences such as preparation of examination, important point to sit for examination, how to study, importance of interview and session in university and its life etc. to the candidates for 2012 entrance examination.

Guidance for Future Course_1

Guidance for Future Course_2>

Guidance for Future Course_3



【専門】2012 April Admission Ceremony.
On April 2nd, there were an Admission Ceremony for 140 students from all over the nation. There were the students who were with ambition, with high tension, with anxiety however with full of eagerness listening to the teachers comments. Although it will not alway be an easy way to go, the teachers and staffs will make an every efforts to support the students to aim for the goal.

2012 April Admission Ceremony _1

2012 April Admission Ceremony _2

2012 April Admission Ceremony _3

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