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Clark International College Japanese Language Preparatory Course

Message・Voice from Students & Graduates




How are you. I have studied at Clark for 2 years after arrived in April, 2009. I have worked hard during 2 years to aim at my goal. It was a good experience to know the importance of progress than the result. Thanks to teachers' support, I could enter into the university of my choice. The teachers in Clark are working very hard with sense of responsibility, and trying hard to lead us going onto university. I will continue to work harder with the mind of "do the best is important" without regret. Please work hard and try the best. I would like to say thank you very much to all teachers in Clark.



I entered Clark International College Japanese Language Preparatory Course in 2009 and studied Japanes for 2 years. I am very much appreciated to study in Clark. Looking back over the past 2 years, it seems only yesterday I have arrived. I came with expectation of my life. That was to become designer to design many fashionable dresses for men and women, for Chinese, Japanese and for peoples all over the world. The teachers have supported my desire and introduced me a right school I should go, and prepared its entrance examination for me as well, which made me so much impressed. Thanks to the teachers. I will do my best in new environment from April. Please try your best.



I have arrived Japan in October 2009, and studied one and half years at Clark International College Japanese Language Preparatory Course. I should be very much appreciated to the support given toward me. The school was just like my private home. I could meet many schoolmates and spent a pleasant life. I did not feel lonely even my family was not here since I had many friends. Also, I could enjoy the lessons pleasantly in a good atmosphere and teachers were all gentle and taught us very friendly. Supported by the school, we will be able to afford any difficulty without giving up. Please try your best.





I joined Clark International College Japanese Language Preparatory Course in 2010 and studied Japanes for one year but it has passed so quick. I had many things that I could not understand but owing to the teachers' support I could get use to Japanese way of life afterward. In the school, not only to learn Japanese, the teachers would help us on private matters. The best thing I felt was the system of Part-time Job Support Center to support students finding right part-time jobs who just arrived. Students won't need to worry about the part-time job and can concentrate on studying Japanese. Please try your best to make your dream come true.


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