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Clark International College

Clark International College Q & A

Q1:Do you have a scholarship scheme?

A:Yes, we do. We have our own scholarship scheme, and also we actively recommend our students to apply for the scholarships provided by the Ministory of Education, and other institutions.
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Q2:Can students work as a part-timer ? Can you introduce us a part-time job?

A:Yes. After obtaining "Permission to engage in activity other than that permitted under the status of residence previously granted" from the Immigration Bureau, you can work as a part-timer. Our Employment & Part-time Job Support Center assists you by introducing you to a suitable and recommended job. The staff also accompany you to an recruitment interview if necessary.


Q3:What countries do the students come from?

A:We have many students from many countries but most of them are from China, Korea, Mongolia, Thailand, Vietnam and also from western countries.


Q4:Do you have any staff members who can speak foreign languages?

A:Yes. We have Chinese, Korean and English speaking staffs available.


Q5:How much is the approximate monthly cost of living?

A:It depends on individuals. You will need at least 50 to 60 thousand JPY(YEN) a month in addition to tuition.


Q6:In case of illness or injury, how does the school treat students? What about insurance?

A:Our Health Office doctor and staff will take care our students with medical needs to introduce appropriate hospitals where foreign language speaking medical staff is available. The doctor and/or staff accompanies them to the hospital if necessary. In Japan, all students must be registered for National Health Insurance, which covers part of the medical expenses and need to pay 30% of doctor's bill. Other than this, there is student disaster compensation system available.


Q7:How many students are in a class?

A:Approximately 15 in Special Rank Up Course to University, and approximately 20 students in Preparatory Course to University.


Q8:What about school hours?

A:From April 2011, students are to be allocated either to morning course or afternoon course by overall evaluation of their proficiency, skills and achievements.


Q9:Do you accept a visitors to observe the class?

A:Yes, we do. Please let us know your intention of observation in advance.


Q10:I want to go on to an university in Japan. Do you have counselors or special arrangement
for students to enter university?

A:Yes, we have University-bound Guidance Counter where our experienced staffs provide all kinds of information on universities such as application procedure and course details etc.. We also provide special lessons for entrance exam and interview practice.


Q11:Do you have a place for students to apply for university through designated school
recommendation system?

A: Yes, we have. We have been appointed by
Himeji Dokkyo University
Kobe International University
Osaka Seikei University
Ashiya University
Kobe Yamate University


Q12:Can a student in two-year course finish the course at Clark in one year or one year and
a half and go on to university? In that case, will he/she be awarded a specialist degree?

A:Yes, they can, but will not be awarded a specialist degree.


Q13:Do you support students in job hunting?

A:Yes, our Employment & Part-time Job Support Center assists students in job hunting.


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