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Jokei Educational Foundation Clark International College Specialty Course

Subjects & Courses

We set up special rank up course for selected elite students. As well as guiding to entrance examination to university, we provide comprehensive support and advice for the promising future of our students.

 Admission Terms

 April and October (Twice a year)

 English Education

We teach not only Japanese, but also a fundamental level of English that is necessary after entering university. There are four different levels of class from basic to advanced including TOEFL to meet the needs. *The number of classes per term depends on the level of class.

 Comprehensive Support for Entering University and/or Employment Countermeasure

Public University Course offers one additional hour a day to aim for public university in one year. We are preparing classes of various subjects such as mathematics and science etc. for students who apply for public universities. Students who completed two-year course are honored a Diploma by the Minister of Education, which qualifies the students to apply for job in Japan.

 Various Examinations Countermeasure

We provide a high quality of lessons for students to achieve upper level of JLPT as well as EJU. We encourage our students to obtain as many licenses/qualifications as possible to increase employability such as PC skill.


We financially support students with great enthusiasm for study. We hope as many students as possible to be a talented player in an active role around the world. We also want to give students as many opportunities for studying as possible. With all those expectations, the school has an own scholarship scheme.
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 Subjects and Courses

Japanese Language Education Department provides the lessons not only Japanese but also English, mathematics and social studies etc. as elective subjects. We bring up talents who can express themselves by their own words. Our advisary staff and counselors provide guidance for entering university.。
On the other hand, International Communication and Culture Department provides to study general knowledge of business.

Japanese Language Education Department

Public University Course   AM Cours Only    

The course is aiming to enter public university in a year by taking higher measures to cope with EJU, JLPT, countermesure of entrance examination, mathematics, social studies, TOEIC correspondance, statement of purpose and short essay etc..

◆ Advanced Private University Course   AM Course PM Course   

The course is to aim to enter advanced private university such as Kwansei Gakuin University, Kansai University, Doshisha University, Ritsumeikan University, and is to enahnce the ability of EJU, JLPT and countermeasure of entrance examination.

◆ Private University Course   AM Course PM Course   

The course is to improve Japanese proficiency and achieve basic scholastic to pass private university.

International Communication and Culture Department

General Business Course   AM Course Only    

The course is to study not only to improve Japanese ability by learning countermeasure of entrance examination or employment, but also to study general ideas of business such as business English, PC skills which are useful both in business society and university.
※ Although the support system has been built in our school, please note that the students who want to find the job in Japan shall obtain N1 of JLPT, and Diploma honored by the government after two years of education.。

 School Hours

Note: School hours depend on the result of entrance examination and qualifications which have already been obtained. Choice of AM or PM course will be given priority to the result of examination and qualification holders. However, school will appoint the course if the course became full in capacity.

AM Course
 Ⅰ  Ⅱ              
 8:30 - 9:15  9:20 -10:05    10:10 - 10:55     11:10-11:55  12:00 - 12:45  12:50 -13:35  
 Public University Course
 Advanced Private University Course  
 Private University C  
 General Business Course  

※ Six sessions a day in AM Course for Specialty Rank Up course.

PM Course     
 13:00 - 13:45  13:50 -14:35   14:40 -15:25   15:40-16:25   16:30-17:15
Advanced Private University Course
Private University Course

※Please refer to October 2012 Admission Guidance for Scholarship..

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