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Clark International College

Message・Voice from Students & Graduates



With strong mind of "go only to the university where I want" and study steadily would lead you to a bright result. Despite of failure of university examination once, without changing my mind and continued to study for one more year in Clark, I could pass the university by the support of various teachers in Clark.Those two years in Clark is not only prosecuted my studies but also learned life of wisdom. It can be grown even failed if you carry out your original intention. Only you can do it.


I have spent enjoyable days during my school life in Clark. I could enter into university owing to many teachers' advice. I think it is very important to set a target to enter into university. It is no doubt that the efforts of daily practice and aiming for the goal by set-up the target would lead you success.


Don't feel disappointing when you failed even if you tried you best, because the process is a big treasure for you. Owing to my efforts after admitted to this school, I could grade up my class rapidly. This variation made me a confidence to pass the desirable public university. I also could grow up due to mutual aid by teachers and classmates. Please set your goal at Clark and study by coordinating with all of them.


When you think about your future direction, it is important to listen the opinion of homeroom teacher, elders and friends as it is difficult to evaluate your capability by yourself. Try to listen ideas from peoples as many as possible. And meantime, please consult with peoples even if you feel difficult. You may find lacking of knowledge and it may create you a confidence. This is my message and advice to you if you could pass the desirable university.


I believe myself that it is possible to overcome any difficulty if there is an objective. Although I have failed three times of JLPT tests, I have persuaded myself that I should have chance to pass the test since the result of the test becoming better and better. Finally, I have made it on 4th test. I also could pass the university that I have desired without given up. It is important to be confident to aim for the goal without given up even you failed before. Trust yourself, and the great result will be there.


Clark is my benefactor who gave me a chance to open up my new life. I have been continuing to study since I came to Japan. At the beginning, I could not understand Japanese at all, but thanks to many teachers who supported me to make me possible to get into Kwansei Gakuin University. Meantime, I could acquire courage and confidence through many classmates. I believe teachers' guidance, support from friends and self-efforts are the important factors necessary to achieve to enter into university. Therefore, please remind those factors and aim to enter into your desirable university.


It was really a substancial year for me in Clark International College. All teachers were great and have their own policy for teaching. They teach us way to write the statement of intent, and points of interview for university examination one by one very courteously. Not only to study through the textbooks, we also exchanged opinions or debate the fresh news or the contents of outdoor schooling.Those activities are quite important for university examination. Particularly when we visited F Company for observation, we could learn the flow of business and system of company. There are not much chances to get such experience. The knowledge that we have learnt in here in one year is an irreplaceable treasure.


Efforts (99%) + Luck (1%) = Success.
Having a swell time with classmates and met many dedicated teachers, it was an unforgettable one year for me during in Clark. Communicate with peoples to convey the opinions or topics is important when you learn Japanese. Such knowledge can only be acquired through daily lessons. I believe 99% to achieve your target to enter into your desirable university is the efforts. You have to be aggresively study and collect all those necessary information, matericals and past exam question and collection of the university where you would like to aim for. Then, practice of interview . Remaining 1% is the luck which will automatically come if you listen to the teachers' advice carefully. At the end, you can find the right direction to aim for your goal.


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