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One Day Free Trial is carrying out !!

Japanese Auditor Course

Let's exerience a happy campus life as a student of Clark Auditor Course to study Japanese.
You have an opportunity of studying in a class from Basic to Advanced level based on your proficiency.
Objectives to learn Japanese are all different: some aim to pass Level 1 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, and others want to improve their skills of daily and/or business conversation.
The advantage of Auditor Course is to be able to study with students in a regular course.
You are also able to join various school activities.
The time of admission to this course is flexible: anytime of your convenience.
The course is available from one week, and able to terminate whenever you want.

Scene of Study

Details of Free Trial

One Day Free Trial is carrying out!

Application Form for Japanese Auditor Course Application Form for Japanese Auditor Course   Please click here

Improve your Japanese proficiency !

Comment of Auditor Course Student

Joel Wenzel (Canadian)Steve Yang (U.S.A.)


Number of application to our Auditor Course is incleasing.

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