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Japanese Private Lesson

Japanese Private Lesson

 For those who want to study Japanese but are unable to attend the regular courses
 For those whose study needs do not match contents of the regular courses
 For those who want to study own preferred contents
 You can choose to learn a variety of contents such as daily conversation, Japanese culture,
business manner and so on

 For those who want to study on face-to-face and man-to-man basis

 Example of Contents

 Daily Conversation  Commercial Correspondence  Japanese Culture
 Newspaper Reading  Business Manner  Grammar
 History  Business Conversation  Commercial Correspondence
 Diplomatic Terminology  Others






   The lesson is 2 hours per session x 6 sessions (12 hours) as one unit
● Daytime:9:00~18:00
● Evening:18:00~20:00
● Weekend(Sat, Sun):9:00~11:00

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