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Information of Raising Contribution

    1. Prospects of Fundraising

Clark group, Clark International College & Clark Foreign Language School, are proud of our reputation as one of the top Japanese language schools as well as vocational schools in Kansai area. By saying so, we are still on our way to develop the student support center, which is of our unique features, and to fully establish crisis management and safety & health management systems, based on our school philosophy "further development of the program for the spread of the Japanese language," "construction of harmonious societiy based on equalitarianism" and "cultivation of highly motivated students." We also put continuous efforts to build the pre-study/review system for students by utilizing our information technology. Under such circumstances, to improve the students' life and educational environment, as well as to give them mental and financial supports, we would like to ask your cooperation in donation under the following conditions.


    2. Background & Objective

Over 90% (approximately 110,000) of overseas students who study in Japan live at their personal expenses, and their biggest concern while in Japan is financial difficulty related to a high cost of living, which could make them unable to concentrate on study. Consequently, many of the students fail to manage their study while having a part-time job, ending up in unintended termination of their study. To save such students, We Clark have set up a few scholarship schemes. However, in order for more efficient and effective distribution of scholarship, we need your support for donation.


    3. Use of Donation

Your donation is to be used to set up more scholarships to reduce students' financial burden related to study.


    4. Term of Donation

From July 01, 2010 until June 30, 2015 (5 years)


    5. Type of Donation

Private Donation ・・・・ (1) From one unit of JPY10,000

Corporate Donation ・・・・ (2) From one unit of JPY100,000


    6. Your Application

Please fill in the form and mail/fax to the address below

Application form 

Clark International College/Clark Foreign Language School  (In-charge: Mr. Kim)

Center Plaza West 7F,
2-11-1, Sannomiya-chou, Chuo-ku,
Kobe, Japan 650-0021
TEL : +81 (0)78-391-6100  FAX : +81 (0)78-361-6106

Please contact person in-charge about tax deduction related to donation for residents of Japan】


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