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Health Care・School Infirmary

Based on Japanese Industrial Safety & Health Act, Clark established the Safety & Health Committee, consisting of General Safety & Health Manager and Industrial Physician (School Doctor) as well as appointed Safety & Health Officer. The committee has set up safety standards for school and related facilities for disaster prevention. It is also to take immediate actions in case of emergency such as outbreak of a new influenza.

Dr Yojiro Takeuchi

 産業医(School Doctor)
Director of Takeuchi Clinic:
   Dr Yojiro Takeuchi

Physician, Circulatory Organ Specialist, Ultrasonic Waves Instructor,Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine of Kobe University




Doctor of Medicine, Wu

 Doctor of Medicine, Wu

We have school doctors for our students to seek medical advice about physical and mental health issues. We also give some help for students who are suffering from distress caused by study itself or living abroad. Students can talk in their own language. They can feel free to talk about their anxiety or uncertainty anytime. 



School Infirmary
















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