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Sport & Culture Club Support

As part of health and hygiene management, we recommend our students to join sports & culture club. For the sake of safety operation of club activities, one of our staff is assigned as un advisor of each club.

 Dragon Boat Team

Dragon Boat Team Formed!!

Clark Dragon Boat Team was formed and its first trial boating was made on 27 June, 2009.This is the first trial led by the team "Kansai Ryusen" in Ashiya City. Although the students were puzzled about how to paddle at the beginning, they gradually mastered the knack and came to puddle 'somehow' in good shape. It was a good exercise for them to refresh themselves while dripping with sweat in a very fine day. It was a very fruitful day.

Dragon Boat Team

Dragon Boat Team

 Basket Ball Team

Basketball Team CLARK BOYS formed!
2011.7.10【Basketball Team, What’s new!】
Exchange Match was taken place on July 10 with the team of Kobe Yamate University.

On Sunday, July 10, first exchange basketball match with Yamate University team was held at their gymnasium. Since those who devoted themselves to basketball in home country were having less chance to play in Japan, the students worked very hard to train themselves to cope with university students. Although the members of the university team were not many, their close team work play was excellent. On the other hand the taller Clark Team had a handicap of lacking practice. The game started with fluctuating from the beginning, but relaxed Clark team gradually showed their power of sinking many three points shoot. After the game, both students were introducing themselves and promised to continue practice together. The exchange match could give the students a good and memorial experience, and could also spend a good communication opportunities with friends and teachers.

Basket Ball_1

Basket Ball_2

Basket Ball_3

 Football & Futsal Team  

Football and futsal team "Clarks" (Gathering of Ambition) formed

The school has organized at the request of students the football and futsal team named "Clarks" meaning Gathering of Ambition. The first practice was made at the top floor of Daiei Sannomiya Shop, where new futsal ground was recently opened. Eleven students joined the practice for two hours after school. The owner of the ground, Mr. Atsuda, who was a professional football player at J league team "Kyoto Purple Sanga", was so surprised at their high level playing technique. New members are being welcomed.
Please contact Mr. Umeda or Mr. Wang of Student Support Center for further details.

Football & Futsal Team

Football & Futsal Team


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