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Volunteer Activities

Clark regularly calls for our students to join volunteer activities to make a contribution to the society. These activities increase their opportunity to communicate with local people, which leads to thier self-development.

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 100th Memorial Shimin (Citizens)-Clean-Walk

We took part in the 100th memorial event of "Shimin-Clean-Walk" as volunteers. On June 6th (Sunday), 35 volunteers from our current students, graduates and teachers took part in the memorial 100th event of "Shimin -Clean-Walk" organized by Kobe Citizen Exchange Association. The cleaning event was started through heartfelt communication and cooperation between the victims of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake which claimed thousands of peoples' lives and volunteers who visited Kobe after the disaster. On the day of the event, the volunteers from our school were very much welcomed to join the activity with about 100 local citizens. They were walking from Chuo Ward Office in Kobe Sannomiya to Higashi Yuenchi Park for an hour, picking up cigarette butts, noncombustible garbage and recyclable garbage such as cans, and separating them according to type. At the destination of Higashi Yuenchi Park, all of them looked with deep emotion at "A Light of Hope", which is a memorial monument to pray hope for the victims. It is just the fourth time for our students to participate in this volunteer activity. But the number of participants will be growing at every event. Clark are determined to actively promote our participation in social activities on every occasion.

100th Memorial Shimin (Citizens)-Clean-Walk _1100th Memorial Shimin (Citizens)-Clean-Walk _2


 1.17 Hanshin Awaji Earthquake Ceremony

Kobe city has commemorated the 15th anniversary of the massive earthquake on 17th January 2010. Our students have joined as volunteers to help the preparation for 1.17 Gathering Ceremony which took place at Higashi Yuenchi Park, Kobe. After prayed at the memorial monuments, our students set up about 10,000 bamboo candles together with other volunteers. The students learned from Mr. Umeda, Manager of our Student Support Center about the disaster and the history of the city as well as importance for people to help each other.

1.17 Hanshin Awaji Earthquake Ceremony_11.17 Hanshin Awaji Earthquake Ceremony_2


 91th Memorial Kobe Shimin (Citizen)-Clean-Walk

Eight students of Clark Foreign Language School and CIC Language Preparatory Course participated in "Citizen Clean Walk", a volunteer activity organized by Kobe Citizen Assembly. Two hours were spent on cleaning up the major roads from JR Kobe Station to Motomachi Station.

91th Memorial Kobe Shimin (Citizen)-Clean-Walk


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